Open Source

I’m an advocate of the open-source software model and have developed solutions for a large variety of clients including small businesses and blue-chip companies.


Things are always changing of course but here’s a snapshot:

  • SQL
  • Ruby / Ruby on Rails – around 90% of application development over the last 7 years has been with Ruby on Rails (it’s great for CRUD)
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • C / C++
  • Pascal – OK, it was a while ago but I remember!

And here’s some other’s which I’m currently experimenting with:

  • Elixir / Phoenix – Elixir is a functional language with a Ruby-esque syntax which runs on┬áthe Erlang VM, Phoenix is a web application framework written in Elixir
  • Python / Django – Python is an object-oriented language, Django is a web application framework written in Python
  • Rust – a C-like programming language, application frameworks include Iron and Rocket
  • Go – another C-like programming language, this one is backed by Google

Related Technologies

Here are some I’m currently interested in:

  • Docker – a software containment, collaboration and delivery tool, it automates the repetitive tasks of setting up and configuring run environments
  • Scala – an object-oriented language which runs on the JVM and which, it appears, can be used to develop both web applications and Android applications
  • Node.js – great for real-time, event-driven web applications

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